Karen Grigorian

Karen Grigorian is vice president of the Education and Child Development department. In addition to her role as vice president and serving as a project director, she is chair of NORC's Institutional Review Board and co-lead for the Higher Education Analytics Center.

Since joining NORC in 1993, Grigorian has gained extensive experience through her work, which spans the length of NORC's extensive library of social science surveys. She holds leadership responsibilities on many levels, including department administration, project management, department and project budget supervision, client relationships and human subjects' protections review. Currently working as the Project Director on the Component 2 EEO-1 Pay Data Collection for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Principal Investigator on Bottom Line College Access Program Evaluation, and project consultant for the Study of the American Law School Dean for the Association of American law Schools. As a project leader, Survey of Doctorate Recipients sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Grigorian is responsible for all aspects of management, including for all facets of the project, including client management communication, project team leadership, obtaining IRB and Office of Management and Budget clearance, sample design, controlled experiment designs methodological plans, system architecture, data collection oversight, data products and deliverables such as final reports, and external data users' requests.

Grigorian regularly authors multiple presentations and reports and recently presented “. Exploring Alternative Measures of Doctoral Underemployment” at the 2018 Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies conference and “Optimal Offer Strategies in a Paperless World – Incentive experiment results from a multi-wave student survey” at the 2018 Federal Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection meeting. Most recently, she was a co-author on the 2017 Annals of Epidemiology journal article “"Do Inferences about Mortality Rates and Disparities Vary by Source of Mortality Information?" and she frequently produces or co-writes other publications for the NSF including InfoBriefs, panel meeting presentations, and methodological reports. In the past, Grigorian co-authored a guideline for the U.S. Department of Education, How to Solicit Rigorous Evaluations of Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) Projects: A User-Friendly Guide for MSP State Coordinators (2005). Earlier in her career with NORC, Grigorian was the Director of the Data Preparation Center. This experience has given her a thorough understanding of the most effective data collection and quality assurance methodologies, which are seamlessly incorporated into her current project protocols.

Grigorian received her undergraduate degree and a secondary teaching certificate from the University of Michigan while working at the Institute for Social Research. Since that time, she has earned a Masters of Project Management.