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We marry science and design—without compromising either—to help your data tell its story.

NORC VizStudio is a creative community of experts who turn complex data into clear and compelling visual stories. Grounded in NORC’s 80-plus years of research and data science expertise, our team includes researchers, statisticians, digital designers, and communications and IT professionals. They work together to assure excellence from all angles—scientific, communication, technical, and visual. The result is research that is more easily shared, embraced, and turned into action. 

We promise “wow.” We create beautiful visualizations that grab attention and hold it, that simultaneously fascinate and illuminate. Our visualizations inspire readers to explore the data and draw inferences that can lead to action.  

We promise clarity. We make data reader-friendly without misrepresenting or oversimplifying the research. Compelling visuals and concise, engaging language help the data tell its story. 

We promise accuracy. We won’t allow error or ambiguity to undermine scientific findings. Consumers are increasingly skeptical of data, thanks to a flood of questionable research. Our reputation for impeccable accuracy promotes confidence in our clients’ work. 

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NORC VizStudio Experts

Increase the Impact and Reach of Your Data

We translate science you can trust into clear and compelling visuals that invite readers to explore and interpret the data.


Use narrative text and compelling graphics to bring data to life

Illustrated examples of printed pages with infographics

Information Design

Use innovative visual techniques to make analysis and dissemination easier

Illustrated examples of printed brochures

Data Interactives

Allow stakeholders to explore data by scrolling or changing parameters

Laptop with data visualization on screen


Using small area estimation and data layering techniques, maps can make it easier to see resource gaps and disparities

Tablet with map visualization

Questionnaire & Web Survey Design

Maximize response rates by enhancing the usability and accessibility of your surveys

Computer monitor displaying survey


Use video to reach respondents and disseminate findings

Monitor playing a video in a video player

Visual Briefs

Make data accessible and usable to a wider variety of audiences

Printed booklet with rich data displayed