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NORC’s trusted and future-ready research infrastructure provides secure access, management, and sharing of sensitive and confidential data to empower data-driven results.

NORC is a recognized innovator in secure data management, linkage, and sharing. The NORC Data Enclave® is an integral part of the Advanced Data Solutions Center. The Enclave’s high-performance computational environment and virtual desktop infrastructure provide users with convenient access to database, statistical, analytical, visualization, and reporting tools that enable evidence-based discovery.

Launched in 2006, the NORC Data Enclave® is the preferred solution for clients, analysts, and researchers to securely store, access, and analyze sensitive data. Clients include federal, state, and local governments, research institutions, foundations, and universities. Enclave-based research informs a wide spectrum of public and private sector evidenced-based decision-making, policies, publications, patents, and impactful outcomes that shape our world.

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NORC Data Enclave Experts

NORC Data Enclave Projects

College Board ACES

Providing better and secure means of validating college admissions and course placement policies


College Board

Colorado All-Payer Claims Database

Streamlining the management of Colorado’s health insurance claims


Center for Improving Value in Healthcare (CIVHC)