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We Put People First

People are our strength, the foundation of our commitment to society and each other, and the key to our ongoing success.

Our Research Depends on Our Culture

NORC’s values create a welcoming workplace that celebrates its people and informs society’s most important decisions.

Objectivity & Non-Partisanship

NORC’s commitment to objectivity and non-partisanship is the essential aspect of our work. It creates the opportunity for us to inform all people from all walks of life on society’s most politicized and polarizing issues. It opens doors that otherwise would be closed. It invites focused attention on public opinion research and evidence-based practices. And it creates pathways for greater understanding and positive change.

Excellence & Impact

NORC maintains the highest standards of professional and scientific excellence and transparency. We recruit and retain superbly skilled staff members across all our research and operational areas. And we are committed to helping solve societies’ most critical challenges by delivering data and analysis that exceeds our clients’ expectations and disseminating our findings in a way that maximizes their impact.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in the power of a diverse workforce. We embrace diversity as a concept and apply it consistently, equitably, and deliberately in our recruiting and retention efforts. And we believe that our work environment and all aspects of our individual and shared experiences are core to our success and essential to producing effective insights in an increasingly diverse and complex world.

Strategic Partnering

NORC has an enduring commitment to strategic partnering in all aspects of our work, starting with our clients and continuing to the University of Chicago, the broader research and academic communities, media, practitioners, and civic organizations. We believe that deep and lasting partnerships are key to informing positive change in an increasingly interconnected world.

Collegiality & Learning

With deep roots in the academic community, NORC cultivates a culture of achievement, mutual learning, and continued development in which staff from diverse fields and professional backgrounds collaborate with one another and with colleagues outside the organization. Fostering a collegial, respectful work environment is a fundamental promise that begins with management and extends to all NORC staff. 

Continual Innovation

NORC’s researchers, technologists, data scientists, analysts, and administrative staff develop innovative designs, methods, tools, services, and solutions in all aspects of our work. Their forward-thinking helps maintain NORC’s position as a leading social science research organization and ensures the quality and relevance of our work.

NORC’s People at a Glance

NORC relies on insightful perspectives and interdisciplinary skills of an increasingly diverse staff.

73% percent of NORC staff work outside of our Chicago offices
Since 2003, NORC has conducted research, impact evaluation, and technical assistance projects in 108 countries
Over 15% of staff have been part of the NORC community for 10 years or more
39 Languages spoken and 258 Majors