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Research Divisions

NORC’s broad research expertise allows us to study almost every aspect of the human experience.

Our Landmark Projects

From the effects of early care and education on long-term social, health, and employment outcomes to the qualities that make communities resilient in the face of natural disasters, NORC’s research has informed decision making and program and policy development on a host of important issues.

Landmark Projects

The General Social Survey

The most rigorous, widely used data on the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of the American public


The National Science Foundation

Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS)

The most comprehensive source of data on Medicare spending and the evolving needs of beneficiaries


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

2024 National Survey of Early Care and Education

Examining early care and education after major disruption


Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation in the Department of Health and Human Services

National Social Life, Health & Aging Project

A pioneering nationally representative study of the intersection between social and intimate relationships and healthy aging


National Institute on Aging

Assessing Child Labor in West Africa Cocoa Farming

The largest-ever examination of child labor in the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana


Bureau of International Labor Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor

Research Library

Explore reports, infographics, and data sets from NORC’s research, evaluation, and technical assistance projects, as well as some of the scholarship that work has informed.

Project Reports & Briefs

Review findings and analysis from NORC’s projects.

Scholarly Publications

Find books, book chapters, journal articles, and working papers authored or co-authored by NORC experts.

Datasets & Documentation

Download public-use data sets on a wide breadth of topics.

NORC Articles

Read press releases, abstracts, and excerpts from NORC’s newsletters, annual reports, and other corporate publications.

Infographics & Visualizations

See the best of NORC's interactives, maps, videos, and other data analysis and storytelling tools.

Events & Presentations

Catch up on NORC’s webinars, discussions, and conference presentations and proceedings.