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Exploring new ways for secure data research and collaboration.

Research conducted with sensitive and confidential data has never been more important for informing policy, identifying emerging issues, and exploring solutions to difficult social and business problems. The ADS Center provides thoughtful, outcome-driven, flexible services that facilitate secure data research and collaboration. We also offer purpose-built data products and the credibility of an industry leader with nearly two decades of experience managing sensitive and confidential data.

Our multi-disciplinary team works with government and commercial clients to create solutions that maximize the analytic utility and useful life of their sensitive data assets while ensuring confidentiality and researcher convenience. We do this by leveraging proven platforms like our NORC Data Enclave® to securely manage, link, and share analysis-ready data products that help answer the world’s pressing research challenges.

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Responsible and rigorous deployment of data produces the most reliable findings.

America’s DataHub Consortium

Demonstrating replicable processes for acquiring and providing secure access to linked data sources


National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics

Assessing Child Labor in West Africa Cocoa Farming

The largest-ever examination of child labor in the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana


Bureau of International Labor Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor