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From foundational studies like the General Social Survey to in-the-moment surveys on emerging issues, NORC studies the breadth of public opinion.

NORC was founded to survey public opinions and gather data on behaviors and societal trends. While our research scope has grown to include fields as diverse as agriculture, finance, early childhood education, and law enforcement, finding out what people think and examining how these opinions shape their behavior remains an important part of our work.

Through the General Social Survey, NORC’s largest and longest-running opinion survey, we’ve traced the evolution of American opinions on employment and work, civic liberties, immigration, and a host of other issues. Since 1985, we’ve also conducted the International Social Survey Program, which gathers public opinion data from 57 countries around the world. The Associated Press‑NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (The AP-NORC Center) conducts public opinion research on important issues and uses the results of its studies to foster data‑driven journalism. The AP‑NORC Center’s recent studies include surveys of Americans’ opinions about global warming and the cost and accessibility of health care.

Public Opinion & Attitudes Experts

Highlighted Projects

Univision Poll: Hispanics and Biden

A NORC-Univision partnership in 2022 showed Hispanics losing confidence in the Democratic president


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2016 Cuban Public Opinion

A rare look at Cuban citizens’ experiences, attitudes, and goals


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