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Seth Brohinsky

Pronouns: He/Him

Senior Research Director II
Seth is a public opinion research professional with a unique combination of research methodology and project management expertise.

Seth is a senior research director at NORC at the University of Chicago. He has directed many large, complex, and innovative data collection efforts. He blends content expertise with a proven track record of successful team leadership, project management, and client relations. Seth has experience developing and managing all aspects of research projects, including survey development, sample design and management, multimode data collection, quality assurance and quality control, contract and financial management, data processing and tabulation, statistical analysis, and methodological reporting. He has conducted large-scale, nationally representative household surveys for a variety of public and private sector clients across all modes of data collection. Seth is responsible for delivering all project requirements on time and on budget. He has 15 years of experience in research operations, systems, and survey methodologies.

Seth serves as the survey/data collection lead for NORC’s ongoing C3 project. The survey assesses the capacity of participating sites to work with networks of community partners and the impact the sites have on the communities they serve. Seth is responsible for the functionality of the web-based survey, sample management, and data quality. In addition, Seth is the co-lead for a project with the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) that explores the contributions of Foreign-born Scientists and Engineers (FBSE). As a member of the National Science Foundations’ (NSF) America’s DataHub Consortium (ADC), NORC is participating in a demonstration project involving the development of models that combine administrative records on federal STEM education programs with additional data on career pathways and other non-traditional sources. Seth’s efforts focus on development of materials related to demonstrating the feasibility of acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating linked data files. Furthermore, Seth continues to serve as both technical and business leads for a variety of large-scale proposal efforts. His technical survey methods expertise and financial management experience serve him well in his business development roles.

Prior to joining NORC, Seth directed many high-profile non-partisan public opinion polls, including all ABC News and Washington Post polling operations. In this position, he was responsible for providing all project deliverables under tight deadlines. The ABC News/Washington Post polls adhere to rigorous methodological standards in data collection. Seth led a team of six staff members in conducting monthly polls, state-level polls, and pre-election tracking polls. Seth led all communication with ABC News and Washington Post staff, including vendors, to ensure operational alignment. He also worked collaboratively with client staff to continually improve the sample design and administration where possible, through frequent operational and statistical analysis of survey data.



Suffolk University Law School


University of Connecticut


University of Connecticut

Honors & Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award for Work in the Field of Public Opinion Research | 2019

University of Connecticut School of Public Policy

Catherine E. Paradee Award for a Proven Interest in Public Administration | 2007

University of Connecticut School of Public Policy

Project Contributions

Data Concierge Models for a National Secure Data Service

Developing novel models and tools to assist federal data users


The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES)