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NORC helps decision-makers, policymakers, and practitioners understand abortion perspectives and the impact of reproductive health policies and programs on patients.

Choices about reproductive health, family planning, and fertility are some of the most personal decisions we make as individuals, families, and a society. The choice to have a child (or not) and the availability of services to support that decision impacts health and well-being in many ways. Policymakers, practitioners, and members of the public need objective data to inform their decisions about reproductive health services. 

NORC is adept at designing tools to accurately study complex topics like birth control methods, sexual activity, abortion, family planning services, and health insurance coverage for reproductive health services. 

For decades NORC has surveyed American attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to sexual and reproductive health. We collect data on American’s attitudes towards abortion through the General Social Survey, which we have conducted biennially since 1972. Through the Surveys of Women and the Reproductive Health Impact Study, we collect information on sensitive topics such as birth control methods and access, sexual activity, and abortion. We also provide technical support to HHS’ Office of Population Affairs and their grantees to help implement evidence-based family planning programs and quality reproductive health services through the Title X program, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, and Embryo Adoption Awareness program. 

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Highlighted Projects

Reproductive Health Impact Study (RHIS)

Examining impact of federal and state policy changes on reproductive health care and patient outcomes


Guttmacher Institute with funding from a private foundation

Surveys of Women

Tracking reproductive health access, contraceptive use, and abortion prevalence in nine states


Private foundation focused on education and health issues