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NORC’s applied research provides decision-makers with innovative solutions to effectively and equitably enhance societal well-being.

Transforming our nation’s costly and complex health care system requires innovative and actionable evidence. Are new efforts to organize, finance, and deliver health care making it more accessible, affordable, and accountable? How can we address social and structural determinants of health to mitigate growing inequities? How do we empower patients to make better informed decisions about their health care? How can we improve health and social services programs to meaningfully put disadvantaged individuals and families on the path to sustained economic mobility and self-sufficiency?

NORC has expertise to answer such questions. Whether it’s assessing the consequences and costs of care choices, discerning effects of social determinants of health and approaches to advance health equity, understanding health care markets, assessing potential complementarities across allied health and social services programs, improving patient-centeredness and participation, or evaluating impacts of newer payment and care delivery models, NORC delivers rigorous research with reliable data that decisionmakers can trust. 

Applied Health Economics & Policy Experts

Highlighted Projects

Colorado All-Payer Claims Database

Streamlining the management of Colorado’s health insurance claims


Center for Improving Value in Healthcare (CIVHC)

Improving and Enhancing U.S. Vision & Eye Health Surveillance

The most comprehensive system to track eye diseases and vision loss


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Diabetes Translation, Vision Health Initiative