Health Sciences

Society increasingly demands evidence grounded in rigorous science to address difficult health-related challenges. In recent years, the imperative to improve quality and control costs and increased adoption of health information technology have driven novel implementation and evaluation approaches supporting a “learning health care system.” NORC’s Health Sciences staff produce rich data on social priorities including child development and healthy aging, the uses of electronic clinical data in research, and the applications and effectiveness of health information technology.

Our expert staff evaluates the effectiveness of federal investments in health information technology, supports the emerging fields of patient-centered outcomes research and mobile health, and works with the National Institute on Aging to produce data on older Americans’ health, well-being, and social life.

The Health Sciences team is versatile and experienced in data acquisition, management, technical assistance, and analysis; the use of information technology in health care; and numerous data collection methods. Our track record of leadership and innovation includes the design and management of large-scale surveys, including extensive experience collecting biomeasures.

NORC’s Health Sciences staff works closely with colleagues in Public Health and Health Care to offer program, policy, and research solutions. We build long-term relationships among our staff, partners, and sponsors through collaboration, mutual respect, and a commitment to improving health and health care for all people.