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NORC evaluates the capacity, performance, and resilience of the health workforce.

NORC conducts qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate programs designed to support, build, and strengthen the health workforce, including training, self-care, resiliency, and strategies to address work related stress and mitigate burnout. NORC collaborates with partners to understand program context, design, and intended outcomes. 

Through the creation of evaluation frameworks, multimode surveys, and mixed methods analyses, NORC has helped HRSA evaluate its portfolios of behavioral health workforce support programs and workforce diversity programs.  NORC is collaborating with the Health Forward Foundation to assess its regional health workforce pipeline with a focus on addressing inequities within the system, in particular as related to access, retention, and advancement of groups historically underrepresented in the health sciences workforce.

Health Workforce Experts

Highlighted Projects

Public Health Workforce Capacity for Disaster Response

A rapid needs assessment to understand local workforce needs for disaster response and recovery


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

AHRQ Safety Program for MRSA Prevention

Scaling and evaluating an evidence-based approach to MRSA prevention in hospitals and long-term care facilities


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality