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A leader in strengthening global development efforts.

Solving the world’s most vexing development problems requires policies built on data, not wishful thinking. NORC’s International Programs department assesses and supports development efforts in 100+ countries, more than any other research organization.

INPRO has extensive experience in impact and performance evaluation as well as research translation and learning, qualitative research, survey methodology, and systems thinking. Our expertise ranges from gender-based violence and education to democracy and governance, land tenure, food insecurity, and counter-trafficking in persons.

International Programs Experts

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The scope of our work is as wide as the world around us.

Child Labor Grows in Certain Areas of Cocoa Production

NORC Article

Almost 1.5 million children are engaged in hazardous child labor on cocoa farms in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

Low Reading Skills and Violence Continue in Uganda’s Schools

NORC Article

After a five-year initiative to improve early-grade reading and reduce school-related gender-based violence, challenges remain despite some gains.

Ukraine Civil Society Assessment

A post-Euromaidan examination of Ukraine’s civil sector


U.S. Agency for International Development

Tusome Early-Grade Reading Evaluation

Translating USAID-funded pilot programs into national-scale initiatives


U.S. Agency for International Development