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Established in 1941, NORC is mission-driven, nonpartisan, and objective, delivering insights and analysis decision-makers trust.

500+ Active Projects, 300M+ Annual Revenue
3,500+ Staff Members, 100+ Countries

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NORC studies almost every aspect of the human experience.

NORC Health: We develop insights for a healthier society. Our expertise in health-related issues, from aging to immunizations to insurance and health systems, informs programs and policies that affect the lives of millions. 

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NORC Education: We study how people learn and thrive. We examine how education can help people reach their full potential, from early childhood to career and retirement.

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NORC Research Science: We help make social science research ever more trustworthy. With our research and expertise in statistics, data science, and survey methodology, we develop and validate new ideas and approaches to apply tried-and-true practices with the goal that clients get research and insights they can trust.

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NORC Global: We inform effective development programs. Our subject matter and technical expertise help government and nongovernmental organizations address pressing global challenges related to democracy and governance, education, food security, and people living in vulnerable situations.

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NORC Economics: We investigate work, wealth, and markets. Our research helps reveal financial needs and interests of individuals, communities, and organizations.

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NORC Society & Culture: We explore the public mind. Our research illuminates backgrounds, behaviors, and beliefs, and how they shape cultural expression.

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NORC Public Affairs: We help untangle the zeitgeist. NORC delivers rigorous, unbiased data and insights that government, media, and individuals can trust.

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NORC’s Regional Partner

Shadin Hilton

Managing Director, Regional Healthcare Solutions

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Jeff Leintz

Vice President, Advanced Data Solutions Center

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Director, Information Technology

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