Health Care Evaluation

​Driven by the need to control the growth of spending while providing patient-centered care and fostering innovation, NORC works with health care delivery and financing Agencies and organizations to provide timely and rigorous evaluation of their initiatives.

​NORC’s health care evaluations take into account not only whether a particular intervention worked, but “how” and “why” it works or does not. By creatively applying different types of data and methodological advances, our evaluations produce incisive results and rich context on the implications of these results. NORC brings the ability conduct evaluations in the “rapid-cycle” format required in today’s evolving health care environment.

​In addition to relying on NORC’s strength in designing and conducting survey research, our evaluation work benefits from a robust approaches to collecting and analyzing qualitative data, making effective use of secondary data sources including Medicare, Medicaid and private health plan claims and encounter data and advanced mixed methods such as qualitative comparative analysis.