Y. Michael Yang

Y. Michael Yang is a Senior Statistician with NORC at the University of Chicago with over 16 years of experience in study design, survey sampling, post-survey data adjustments, variance estimation, survey data analysis, and technical reporting. He leads statistical research and provides technical support to management and clients regarding complex survey design and estimation issues.

Yang has designed sampling and estimation procedures for a large number of complex surveys including general population surveys, establishment surveys (e.g., surveys of healthcare plans, schools, businesses, etc), and surveys of special populations (e.g., surveys of military personnel, arrestees, racial and ethnic minorities). These surveys encompass a wide range of subject areas such as education, healthcare, substance abuse, customer satisfaction, program evaluation, marketing research, business finance, economics, and criminal justice. These surveys also feature the full range of data collection modes including Random Digit Dial (RDD) telephone surveys, web-based surveys, mail surveys, and in-person interview surveys. As a Senior Statistician, Yang leads teams of programmers and statistical analysts to provide statistical support in the following areas: sample frame construction, sample design and selection, data editing and cleaning, nonresponse analysis and weighting, missing data imputation, and variance estimation under complex sample designs.

Yang is in active in the Washington Statistical Society (WSS) and the Survey Research Methods Section of the American Statistical Association. His research interests include complex sample design, post-survey adjustment methods, and survey data analysis. He has made numerous presentations to professional as well as non-technical audiences.

Yang currently leads a research project to support BLS in developing a disclosure limitation methodology that will allow the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) to publish significantly more detailed information while meeting both confidentiality and data quality requirements. Yang is a senior statistician for the Survey of Doctorate Recipients (SDR), responsible for sample design and post-survey adjustments. Yang is also leading the sample design and implementation of two education surveys involving schools and school districts.

Yang served as Chief Statistician at the Survey Research Center at ICF International from 2007 to 2009. Prior to that, he served as senior statistician at the Gallup Organization.