Quentin Brummet

Quentin Brummet is a senior research methodologist in the Methodology and Quantitative Social Sciences department at NORC. In this role, he leads economic and statistical research in program evaluation, data privacy, and survey methodology.

Brummet is especially active in research using linked administrative records and new data sources to study topics in education and urban policy. He has developed new statistical methods for causal inference and survey methodology, and researched the application and effects of using formal privacy methods in statistical data releases. His research is published in peer-reviewed journals in economics, statistics, and education policy and covered in media outlets such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times. This work has been supported by agencies and foundations such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Prior to coming to NORC, Brummet was Chief of the Survey and Economic Research Branch in the US Census Bureau's Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications. In this role, he oversaw a research program focused on developing new methods for incorporating administrative records in federal surveys. This research spanned roughly a dozen surveys from multiple federal statistical agencies, and led to the implementation of new methods for sampling frame development and data collection.

Brummet was elected to be publications officer for the Social Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association and previously served on the editorial board for Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. He is the recipient of honorable mentions for both the Association for Education Finance and Policy New Scholars Award and the W.E. Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award.