International Programs

Global development and financial assistance programs demand a broad range of research and analysis to ensure that they respond to the needs of the most vulnerable populations and that scarce resources are allocated in the most effective manner possible. Towards this end, NORC's International Programs (INPRO) department provides core expertise in rigorous impact evaluations using experimental and quasi-experimental evaluation designs, performance, process and other implementation evaluations, performance management, and analytic research, and statistical design and analysis required for all types of evaluations.

INPRO’s evaluation work depends on the rigor provided by its data collection methodologies, and the high bar it sets in collecting quality data. The INPRO team performs large-scale and complex quantitative surveys in multiple languages, and employs the latest appropriate technology with mobile devices (tablet, phone, Web) with survey platforms that allows for various types of randomization. The INPRO Team is also skilled in various forms of qualitative data collection using traditional and innovative techniques.

The INPRO team continues to build on NORC’s legacy of research and data collection, with work that spans more than 70 countries across all regions of the world. INPRO’s areas of subject matter expertise include agriculture, land tenure and property rights; infrastructure; democracy and governance; education; youth engagement; Combatting Counter-Trafficking in Persons (CTIP); public and consumer finance and economic growth; international finance; and health and poverty alleviation.

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