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Latinos in the Media Survey

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Capturing the influence of the entertainment industry on the public’s opinions about Latinos
  • Client
    Latinx House
  • Dates
    August 2021 - December 2021


Anti-Latino sentiments in the media can help fuel divisions in society.

The media has a powerful impact on public perceptions. In the current political and social climate, where Latinos make up a large and rapidly growing proportion of the population, anti-Latino rhetoric can lead to systemic racism, discrimination, inequities, and violence. More data is needed to help inform and shape how the entertainment industry can contribute to maintaining societal momentum toward positive change and a more equitable society.


NORC conducted a survey and social media scan to understand media portrayal of Latinos.

To bolster its efforts for positive change, the Latinx House hired NORC at the University of Chicago to administer a national survey on the general public’s perspectives of Latinos in the United States and the impact of the media’s portrayal of them.

In the fall of 2021, NORC developed and administered the survey through our AmeriSpeak® Panel, which uses a pre-screened, nationally representative pool of participants, to capture perceptions of Latinos and their portrayal in the media. In addition, the research team conducted a scan of the social media landscape to examine stories on the portrayal of Latinos that were trending and to help contextualize the perceptions of survey respondents.


The survey will document the impact of the media on U.S. perceptions of Latinos.

NORC’s Latinos in the Media Survey will capture the influence of the media’s portrayals of Latinos and the general public’s perception of Latinos.

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