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College Board ACES

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Providing better and secure means of validating college admissions and course placement policies
  • Client
    College Board
  • Dates
    February 2017 - Present


Higher Education institutions needed a way to receive reliable reports from College Board.

Postsecondary and higher education institutions need secure and reliable reports from College Board about student admission, retention, completion, and course placement. College Board partnered with NORC to provide that data through an enhanced and updated Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES).


College Board uses the NORC Data Enclave® to store secure information and generate insights.

ACES offers a highly secure, easy-to-use platform for institutions to request analytic reports used to validate their admission and course placement policies. Semi-automated reports are produced using student data uploaded by the institutions and linked to College Board test scores (such as ACCUPLACER®, Advanced Placement® (AP), College Level Examination Program® (CLEP), and SAT® exams). College Board’s enhanced ACES system, housed withing NORC’s Data Enclave, gives colleges and universities a particularly secure and efficient way to produce these vital analytic reports.

To redesign and update ACES, NORC:

  • Transformed legacy ACES into an integrated data and research services tool
  • Produced semi-automated validity studies through a unique combination of new and emerging technologies
  • Automated a way to integrate and harmonize student information that is submitted by many institutions
  • Hosts the ACES database, which stores student PII data, within NORC’s secure Data Enclave.


The new system helps institutions make informed choices for better outcomes.

A new generation of customized ACES reports is produced and returned within 20 business days. The new system provides information for colleges, universities, and state education systems to make better decisions about how to best promote positive student and institutional outcomes.

Learn More About the Admitted Class Evaluation Service™

College Boards Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES) validates and refines institutional admission and placement policies.

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