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AAPI Data/AP-NORC Monthly Poll

People with signs at a Stop Asian Hate rally.
The nation’s first ever regular poll of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  • Client
    AAPI Data
  • Dates
    November 2023-December 2024


There is very little public opinion research measuring how Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders view important political and social issues.

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities are among the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States. Currently, over 20 million people identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander, yet there is relatively little public opinion research dedicated to these populations. 


A regular poll featuring a nationally representative panel of AAPI will reveal new insights.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and AAPI Data are launching a new survey series to address historic underrepresentation of AAPI communities in public opinion research and elevate their perspectives on some of society’s most pressing issues. Our collaboration seeks to capture the breadth and depth of AAPI communities, to better inform decision makers and the general public.

The series merges both partners’ research and journalistic expertise, cultural knowledge, and established community relationships to measure the views of AAPI populations. It will feature regular surveys on key issues, such as policy priorities, financial well-being, political views, and civic engagement.

Using Amplify AAPI, the first-ever research panel designed to scientifically represent Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities, the AAPI Data/AP-NORC poll will illuminate the needs, opinions, and experiences of these populations.

Through its rigorous, scientific approach, including interviews conducted in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese, the survey series will provide unprecedented insights into these underserved demographic groups. 


Compelling AAPI public opinion data informs policy discussions.

The AAPI Data/AP-NORC Poll will generate high quality data and timely news stories focused on two of the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States, and thus inform public debates on the development of policies that impact these communities.

Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and have historically been underrepresented in research due in part to inadequate data infrastructure, language barriers, and a lack of outreach to AAPI communities. This series will help ensure that the experiences, perspectives, and needs of these communities are accurately represented in public opinion research and beyond.

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