Development of a Rural Recovery Ecosystem Index

On behalf of the Fletcher Group, with funding from the HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, NORC and East Tennessee State University (ETSU) are developing a Rural Recovery Ecosystem Index, using a group of indicators that measure the strength of rural county-level recovery ecosystems. Understanding the factors that contribute to a strong substance use recovery ecosystem is critical to determining where resources are most needed to provide support to individuals in recovery.

The goal of the index is to provide data to support community planning, programming and technical assistance designed to strengthen recovery ecosystems throughout the rural United States. Building the Rural Recovery Ecosystem Index will consist of three tasks: 1) identifying potential indicators and data sources, 2) developing the index, and 3) developing a mapping tool to visually display index findings.

NORC and ETSU will convene a Technical Expert Panel to help guide the development of the Rural Recovery Ecosystem Index.

The index will be finalized and made publicly available by September 2022.

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