Alaska Healthcare Transformation Project

NORC is leading a team to advise the Alaska Healthcare Transformation Project on next steps in health care reform for the state of Alaska, focusing on the goals of reducing the per capita cost of care across multiple payers, improving health care delivery, and improving population health. NORC is partnering with the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) and the College of Health's Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA).

The project focuses on health reform in the areas of primary care, care coordination, data analysis, payment reform, and the social determinants of health. Together with our local academic partners, NORC is conducting a meta-analysis of recent reports and studies on delivery system and payment reform in Alaska; a historical scan of health reform experiments in the state since 2008; a national scan to develop case studies and lessons learned of selected states that have implemented delivery system reforms of interest to Alaska; and an assessment of cost drivers and spending in the state with the aim to create a roadmap for moving toward reforms with the aim of reducing spending. Based on these analyses, and taking into account the unique opportunities and challenges in the state of Alaska, NORC is producing a series of reports with short-term and long-term recommendations for the state to move forward with health reform.

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