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Walden University Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey

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Supporting the online university’s efforts to ensure a strong culture of diversity and inclusion
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    Walden University Diversity and Inclusion Working Group
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Walden needed to understand perceptions and experiences on diversity and inclusion.

The 2016 Walden University Diversity and Inclusion Working Group recommended an assessment of diversity and inclusion within the Walden community. Walden wanted to understand these issues across students, faculty, and staff. 

Walden partnered with NORC to conduct a climate survey.

The Walden University Working Group and NORC at the University of Chicago designed and implemented the Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey, which invited all enrolled students over 18 years of age, all faculty, all staff, and a random sample of 5,000 Walden University alumni to participate.

To better understand the sample’s perceptions, the climate survey consisted of a variety of questions to capture:

  • feelings of belonging
  • feelings of welcomeness
  • avoidance of disclosure
  • perceptions of respect

The survey elicited insights that can promote diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey provided a wealth of information on the perceptions and experiences of diversity and inclusion among the Walden community, including areas of strength and challenge. Walden is using this information to create more inclusive and supportive environments for students, faculty, and staff.

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