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Tracking Americans’ Opinions and the Media That Inform Them


News Media Sources and Attitudes Vary by Political Party

Data comes from a 2017 study of people's trust in news media (2,036 American adults).

The AP-NORC Center and American Press Institute investigate how Americans of different patisan stripes get theri news and their attitudes towards the news media. Click on the buttons to interact with the data.

Democrat Republican Independent

The Media Insight Project’s interactive visualization shows Americans’ opinions of the news media broken down by political affiliation. 



In a social and political climate in which the validity of the news itself is a topic of contentious debate, understanding how Americans consume and interpret news media is an increasingly compelling concern.


The Media Insight Project—a collaboration between The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute—conducts high-quality, innovative research to inform the news industry and the public about important issues facing journalism and the news business.


The Media Insight Project’s study, Partisanship and the Media: How Personal Politics Affect Where People Go, What They Trust, and Whether They Pay, investigates how Americans of different partisan stripes get their news and their attitudes toward the news media. The study found that Republicans and Democrats are in many ways strikingly alike in their news consumption behavior, but remarkably different in their attitudes toward the news. 

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