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Amplifying the insights and impact of NORC’s research.

Strategic Communications makes the work of NORC’s researchers and partners as accessible as possible to the widest possible audience. Using the full range of communication tools—from print, web, and video to social media and media relations—our writers, designers, and strategists create verbal and visual narratives that bring data to life.

We manage all of NORC’s corporate communications, uphold the thought leadership of NORC experts, and support the dissemination needs of our project teams and their clients.

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Strategic Communications & External Affairs Experts

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We use state-of-the-art communications techniques to amplify NORC’s groundbreaking findings.

AP VoteCast

More inclusive and accurate polling of the dynamics behind America’s elections


The Associated Press

America in One Room

A “deliberative polling” experiment to bridge American partisanship


Stanford University