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Ensuring that all voices are included in NORC research.

The Center on Equity Research (CER) conducts research to advance equity through the development, implementation and dissemination of high quality, inclusive and equitable social science research methods. The CER also provides methodological advice to ensure that NORC gathers rigorous data that includes and represents a diversity of people, their thoughts, and experiences.

The CER exemplifies NORC’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence, science, research innovation, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We know that rigorous and comprehensive research is inclusive, fairer, more impartial, and generates potent and meaningful policy recommendations.

CER Leads

Equity Scholars Program

The Equity Scholars Program is a mentoring and career networking program for early career scholars to conduct inclusive and equitable research.  

Center on Equity Research Experts

Discover Our Research

Strengthening our organization and industry by advancing high-quality, inclusive, and equitable research.

Explore the NORC EquityCorps Video Series

This six-part video series highlights our equity research thought leaders. Hosted by the Center on Equity Research vice president and director Ashani Johnson-Turbes and associate director Vince Welch, NORC EquityCorps videos feature interviews with scholars and practitioners discussing their motivations, approaches, and methods for conducting social science research to advance equity. Get an intimate glimpse of the people, practice, and future of equity science and inclusive and equitable research methods.

Strengthening Our Organization and Industry by Advancing High-Quality, Inclusive, and Equitable Research

NORC Article

The Center on Equity Research integrates inclusive and equitable research and practice across NORC.

Advancing Equity in Race & Ethnicity Data in Population Surveys: Findings from Expert Interviews

Equity Brief

By Ghirardelli, A., Ubri, P. and Karunatileka, P. This Equity Brief describes findings from a qualitative study using interviews with subject matter experts in survey research and measurement and collection of demographic data on race and ethnicity.

California Communities Mental Health Services Survey

Informing efforts to make mental health services more accessible for diverse populations


California Department of Public Health, Office of Health Equity

A Study of Women’s Health Needs in the U.S.

A major study of women in the U.S. from countries with high rates of female genital mutilation


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Reproductive Health