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Advancing the state of the art in probability-based panel design and methodology.

The Center for Panel Survey Sciences is dedicated to researching and developing best practices in probability-based panel surveys. The innovative methods we explore include:

  • Constructing appropriate sample frames
  • Sampling potential panelists
  • Providing tailored design strategies to enlist panelists at the highest recruitment rates
  • Empaneling effectively after recruitment
  • Retaining panelists
  • Maintaining high levels of engagement and increasing response to subsequent surveys

We offer in-depth research on the challenges—and solutions—particular to multi-client probability-based survey panels, such as attrition, conditioning, mode effects, and panel nonresponse. The Center also provides expertise in building a range of panels, from those of the general population to highly specialized panels of small groups such as young adults, Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities, STEM workers, or persons ages 50 and older.

Based on our experience and expertise, we provide perspectives on best practices in panel surveys, such as the use of nonresponse follow-up recruitment strategies, trap questions, and other techniques to ensure data quality, the use of emerging technologies for panel surveys, and the importance of finding methods to survey Americans that do not access the internet. 

Our research continually explores how to ensure high-quality, valid, reliable data from probability-based panels. With AmeriSpeak®, the Center has a rich data source to execute a range of research projects.

Our most recent work includes:

  • Multi-mode recruitment and data collection strategies
  • The use of Big Data to model panelist characteristics
  • The impact of panelist psychological and personality-based attributes on survey nonresponse
  • Measurements of panel conditioning and its effect on data quality
  • Explorations of panelist attitudes and behaviors as they relate to election survey research on panels.

Our research seeks greater insight into the various potential error sources (coverage, sampling, nonresponse, measurement, and processing) that can occur during the panel and survey lifecycle. The Center has a rich, ambitious, and ongoing research program on probability-based panels, as well as a team of experts to help in building, maintaining, and using probability-based panels.

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Center Leads

Senior Vice President, AmeriSpeak Chief Scientist & Center Director

Principal Research Methodologist & Center Deputy Director

Center for Panel Survey Sciences Experts

Expert Advisory Board

The Center includes internationally recognized thought leaders in panel research:

Annelies Blom
University of Bremen, Germany

Nancy Brigham

Trent D. Buskirk
Bowling Green State University

Mario Callegaro

LinChiat Chang
Independent Consultant

Joshua D. Clinton
Vanderbilt University

Carina Cornesse
German Institute for Economic Research

Ricardo Gonzalez
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Carol Sue Haney

D. Sunshine Hillygus
Duke University

Josh Pasek
University of Michigan

Laura Wronski

Weiyu Zhang
National University of Singapore

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Center staff members regularly present at conferences and publish peer-reviewed articles, conference presentations, and white papers.

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