Anna Kostygina

Anna Kostygina is a senior research scientist at NORC and a member of the Health Media Collaboratory, an interdisciplinary social data research team at NORC. Her work centers on advancing communication science and technology for tobacco control and health promotion. Specifically, she has conducted research on topics related to tobacco product marketing and counter-marketing on traditional and digital media. In this research, she employs a number of methodological approaches including machine learning, experiments, surveys, and qualitative methods to generate insights about the process by which marketing messages and other information about tobacco, marijuana, and illicit drugs are shared and processed across a variety of mediated and interpersonal channels, as well as how these messages influence and reflect behavior.

Most recently, Kostygina has led NIH-funded exploratory projects that analyzed and characterized Twitter and Instagram content related to cigar, little cigar, and cigarillo product promotion. She has also worked with Truth Initiative to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of truth® anti-smoking social media campaigns, as well as the recent court-ordered tobacco industry corrective statement campaign.

These interests build on her prior postdoctoral research training at the University of California, San Francisco Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, where she worked on the National Cancer Institute-funded project exploring smokeless and combustible alternative tobacco product marketing and counter-marketing. Her agenda is also informed by her prior community-based work at the University of Kentucky Tobacco Policy Research Program, where she collaborated on a NHLBI-funded intervention project aimed to evaluate messages promoting smoke-free policies in rural Kentucky communities.