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Supporting Culturally Responsive Teaching & Leading Among Delaware Educators

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Developing a framework to help activate culturally responsive instructional practices in Delaware schools
  • Client
    Delaware Department of Education
  • Dates
    December 2022 – January 2024


The Delaware Department of Education wants to promote equitable, culturally responsive, and humanizing leadership practices among educators.

The Delaware Department of Education's (DDOE) Office of Equity and Innovation is developing a culturally responsive teaching and leading (CRTL) framework and guidance document to help educators activate equitable, culturally responsive, and humanizing leadership practices. The CRTL framework and guidance document will serve as a resource to all Delaware districts, schools, and educators. To support fidelity of implementation, NORC will customize and conduct a virtual professional learning series using the CRTL framework and guidance documents in all three counties for Delaware educators. 


NORC is facilitating and executing key activities to create DDOE’s framework and guidance. 

The DDOE hired NORC to provide ongoing subject matter expertise, content-lead facilitation, strategic planning sessions, and customized professional learning in collaboration with its Diverse and Learner Ready Teacher Network. NORC is conducting the following activities in partnership with the DDOE’s Office of Equity and Innovation:

  • Substantially refining the current draft of the department’s CRTL framework and guidance documents
  • Preparing the design of the framework and guidance document through a thorough review of multiple formatted publish-ready versions
  • Planning the roll-out of the final documents, which will serve as a primary CRTL resource for Delaware educators
  • Gathering feedback and insights through usability testing of the framework and guidance document and an interactive learning series 


NORC’s framework and guidance will help educators use culturally responsive instructional practices.

The CRTL framework and guide will serve as resources to help teachers in Delaware activate humanizing and culturally responsive practices with and for their students. 


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