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Lateefah Hughes

Pronouns: She/Her

Lateefah has 20+ years of experience in health policy, insurance program development, and evaluation.

Lateefah is NORC’s vice president in the Health Care Evaluation department. She provides oversight across a broad range of initiatives, including payment policies.

Prior to joining NORC, she served as vice president of Federal Services Delivery and vice president of Account Management for A. Reddix & Associates (ARDX). In these roles she managed an extensive Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) project portfolio and brought thought leadership to Excellence in Consultancy and Business Growth in the areas of Health Policy Development, Operations Implementation, Program Evaluation and Analytics, Program Compliance & Oversight, Customer Engagement & Satisfaction, and Contract Performance. During her tenure, Lateefah led teams that supported CMS with implementing Medicare programs for Part C Risk Adjustment and Encounter Data, Part D, and Provider Customer Service; and Affordable Care Act (ACA) programs.

Preceding her work at ARDX, Lateefah held several prominent positions with CMS. She served as Acting Deputy Group Director for Payment Policy and Financial Management of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) and also played a role as the Director of the Division of Risk Adjustment Operations with direct responsibilities for ushering in ACA Premium Stabilization Program, including the ACA Risk Adjustment program, the associated HHS-Operated Risk Adjustment Data Validation program, and the External Data Gathering Environment (EDGE) server implementation. She also served as a lead on government implementation and oversight initiatives for the Agency’s Medicare Risk Adjustment, Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV), and Part D payment operations and payment error measurement rates programs.

Project Contributions