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Felicia Gray Cerbone

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Research Director
Felicia leads projects requiring sophisticated management and strong evaluation and technical assistance skills in a variety of topical areas.

Felicia has been at NORC since 1994. She has substantial experience leading projects focused on technical assistance and training, stakeholder engagement, evaluation and performance measurement. Felicia brings a unique combination of skills to any project: technical capabilities such survey design, questionnaire development and quality assurance, the conceptual ability to analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data, and proven project, budget and supervisory/mentoring managerial skills.

Felicia is currently the Project Director for the Technical Assistance and Logistics Support Contract funded by the Office of Population Affairs. She also serves as the Project Director for the ODPHP-funded Healthy People 2030 project. 

Prior to her NORC tenure, Felicia worked at Conwal Incorporated on an evaluation of the safety of commercial drivers with insulin-treated diabetes and epilepsy. Prior to Conwal, Felicia worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Department of Military Psychiatry researching Gulf War Syndrome.



University of Maryland


University of Maryland

Project Contributions

OPA Technical Assistance and Logistics Support

Helping the Office of Population Affairs support its grantees


Office of Population Affairs

Older Adults and Caregivers in Public Health Emergencies

A study of the needs of older adults and caregivers during COVID-19 and resources to help them


CDC Foundation