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Amy Glynn

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Research Director
Amy develops, implements, and evaluates strategic solutions for reducing disparities and improving the quality of care for populations with complex medical, social, and behavioral needs.

Amy Glynn is a senior research director with over 12 years of experience in program development and evaluation. Her work focuses on social determinants of health, health equity, historically underserved populations, behavioral health, dually eligible populations, data collection and analysis, and access to care. She has experience using data and analytics to build and monitor population health initiatives aimed at improving outcomes, reducing cost, improving patient and provider experience, and reducing disparities.

Amy has supported the CMS Office of Minority Health in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating programs to improve health care quality for populations facing health disparities.

Prior to working at NORC, Amy worked for a fully integrated dually eligible special needs plan where she designed, tested, and evaluated initiatives to improve screening and data collection for health-related social needs, enhanced partnership and data sharing with community-based organizations, increased access to behavioral health services, and improved demographic data collection and stratification.




Brandeis Heller School for Social Policy & Management


George Washington University