Carnegie Institution for Science Climate Study

Gaining a better understanding of the work climate and culture within a scientific institution

The Carnegie Institution for Science (Carnegie) seeks to better understand the climate and culture of its own workplace. Through a study, Carnegie expects to obtain baseline climate and culture data to assess their current policies and practices. Information gained can then be used to inform future improvements at Carnegie.

Carnegie contracted with NORC to conduct focus groups and individual interviews at each of its six locations in the United States, with an option also to set up virtual focus groups for international sites. NORC is designing these groups based on position type (such as scientists, postdoctoral researchers, students, and administrators) and career trajectory (such as early career, mid-career, late career).

Following qualitative data collection, NORC then plans to invite all Carnegie employees to complete a survey, with key questions intended to gather data on the following topics:

  • Overall climate and satisfaction
  • Climate differences between scientists and staff of different demographic backgrounds
  • Feelings of welcome and belonging
  • Experience with or witness to harassment
  • Institutional responsiveness

The study is still in progress. NORC will provide results upon its completion.

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