Adapting and Implementing Patient Safety Practices in Ambulatory Care: Community Acquired Pneumonia Patient Safety Clinical Decision Support CAPPS-CDS

Under contract with AHRQ, NORC partnered with Yale School of Medicine to address gaps in diagnostic error through the use of health IT-enabled clinical decision support for the highly prevalent condition of community acquired pneumonia (CAP). NORC developed and tested an EHR-supported clinical decision support (CDS) for community acquired pneumonia, based on CURB-65 (with prompt blood urea nitrogen (BUN) testing for uremia) or CRB-65, (when BUN is not available). There were three phases of the project: planning, implementation, and evaluation. The team gathered requirements from participating practices (one emergency department and one primary care practice) in Connecticut and developed the CDS. This was followed by usability testing and the development of an implementation toolkit. The team conducted a four month pilot implementation period with continuous monitoring of the EHRs in the participating practices.

Following implementation, NORC conducted a mixed-methods evaluation to determine success of implementation and use of the tool. This evaluation led to the development of a final case study report which AHRQ published on its website.

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