Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee is a Senior Research Methodologist in the department of Statistics and Methodology. She has extensive experience in cognitive testing, questionnaire design, and survey data analysis and has provided methodological expertise to NORC studies for more than 15 years.  Lee also serves as Vice Chair of NORC's Institutional Review Board. She has led research on methods for improving reporting accuracy, development of memory aids and diaries, and assessment of response errors. 

Lee is currently conducting methodological research for the Bureau of Justice Statistics on memory aids for the National Crime Victimization Survey.  This work involves developing and testing methods for improving recall of crime incidents. 

In 2003, Lee became involved in a longitudinal study of public housing residents in Chicago, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation. This work provided invaluable information for policy makers on the relocation experiences of the residents, the quality of the housing to which they moved, their progress toward self-sufficiency and their adjustment to their new neighborhoods. With support from NORC's Center for Excellence in Survey Research, Lee is conducting research on the effects of cue lists on survey response and on recall errors in respondent's retrospective reports of employment and residence history.