Population Research Center

​The Population Research Center (PRC) has enjoyed a strong partnership with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development for more than 30 years, and was funded in 2010 for another five years of service to the research community.

The PRC is an interdisciplinary research institution designed to facilitate high-quality, demographic analysis on social and economic change within its signature theme of human and social capital in the urban context. The Center’s growth has come from researchers in economics, psychology, business, public policy, medicine, and social services administration. The diversity of Center research associates, affiliates, and staff reflects the expanded domain of contemporary demography and the consistent theme of integrative research at NORC and the University of Chicago. The Center has continued to promote collaboration and advance population research through novel research projects, an active pilot grant program, the Demography Workshop and sponsored conferences, and the Center website, as well as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist.

The PRC consists of three operational units that facilitate and support a large, influential, and diverse program of research conducted by research associates and their staff as well as demography students and postdoctoral fellows.

The cores include the following:

Administrative Support Core

The Administrative Support Core provides grant application preparation and administration services; desktop support services; dissemination services; work space; organizes the weekly Demography Workshop and strengthens the research community of PRC associates.

Information and Computing Core

The Information and Computing Core, directed by Scott Allard, provides reliable, high performance computing services and consultation for GIS and spatial analysis, maintains a GIS and demographic data archive, and a secure NORC data enclave for researchers to access confidential micro data not otherwise available remotely.

The Program Development Core

The Program Development Core, directed by Ariel Kalil, consists of an active program of pilot projects and support for new faculty research and one day conferences and workshops.

Additionally, the NORC Library provides reference services and access to bibliographic services, demographic journals and books, and other reference materials.

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