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NORC studies every aspect of transportation, from infrastructure planning to road safety to transportation as a social determinant of health.

Transportation is vital for America’s health, economy, and welfare. People need access to safe, affordable, reliable, and convenient modes of transportation, which provide critical links to employment, education, health care, childcare, and other services.

NORC researchers are examining a range of issues at the intersection of transportation, safety, and health. To inform planning and infrastructure, we use surveys and analyze big data to study travel patterns. To inform safety efforts, we study issues like impaired and distracted driving, the use of seat belts and motorcycle and bicycle helmets, and the effectiveness of laws, policies, and sanctions for traffic violations.

We also study transportation as a social determinant of health, exploring such topics as transportation to health care providers and services, access to transportation in rural communities, and how the use of mobile technology, ride-share services, and autonomous vehicles are transforming the landscape of mobility, especially for older adults and people who are disabled.

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