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Ed Mulrow to Lead NORC at the University of Chicago’s Statistics and Methodology Department

Press Release

CHICAGO, Oct. 15, 2019 — Ed Mulrow has been promoted to senior vice president and director of NORC’s Statistics and Methodology department. In this role, he will oversee a group of statisticians, research methodologists, and data scientists who perform a wide variety of tasks related to the survey process, as well as the analysis and integration of a variety of data sources.

During his time at NORC, Mulrow has been at the forefront of addressing some of the organization’s most challenging analytic projects. Over the last 14 years, Mulrow has continuously played a critical leadership role across a number of NORC’s key projects, including the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey and the Statistical Efforts in Support of the Office of Historical Trust Accounting, among others.

“We are fortunate to have his leadership, and we are eager to see where he takes the department,” said Susan Paddock, PhD, executive vice president and chief statistician. “Ed is highly valued by his colleagues and NORC’s clients for his ability to quickly and thoroughly understand challenging analytical problems and communicate solutions in an intuitive manner.”

Mulrow will also oversee department business development efforts with federal, state, and local governments, as well as nongovernment associations and commercial businesses. He will continue to guide department research and innovation to develop cost-effective methodologies for acquiring, curating, and analyzing data. This includes the integration of multiple sources of data, collection of data via new technologies, and the utilization of administrative data. In addition, Mulrow has and will continue to mentor a number of colleagues, supporting junior staff in their career development.

Mulrow is taking over the position from Ken Copeland, who led the Statistics and Methodology department through nine years of evolution and growth, including expansion of the department from 30 to 60 professional staff and the launch of NORC’s Behavioral and Economic Analysis and Decision-Making team. Copeland has moved into a new role as vice president and senior fellow, where he will continue to contribute to NORC’s key projects, business development efforts, and overall mentorship.

“We are fortunate to have his leadership, and we are eager to see where he takes the department.”

Susan Paddock

Executive Vice President and Chief Statistician

“We are fortunate to have his leadership, and we are eager to see where he takes the department.”

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