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Cristian Ilie, Expert Data Scientist Named Chief Technology Officer for the NORC Data Enclave

Press Release

​08/19/2015, Bethesda, MD— Cristian Ilie recently joined NORC at the University of Chicago as a principal research scientist in the Economics, Justice, and Society department and is currently serving as the chief technology officer for the NORC Data Enclave®. Ilie brings to NORC more than 17 years of experience in the health care, market research, customer relationship management, and social media industries as well as expertise in product development, research and evaluation, portfolio and project management, strategy planning,  C-level advisory services, and business development. Ilie is a seasoned data scientist specializing in white space innovation at the intersection of health, business, and technology.

At NORC, Ilie is currently responsible for managing data operations, organizing and designing optimal processes to support internal researchers as well as current and future NORC Data Enclave customers. He is also focusing on transforming the NORC Data Enclave into a source of analytic offerings and actionable information so that researchers and project sponsors from federal and state agencies, academia, and research institutions can make informed decisions about managing their business, policy changes and research interests.

“I’m very happy to be joining NORC and the NORC Data Enclave,” said Ilie. “This is an exciting time of growth and expansion in the area of data science, and the NORC Data Enclave is a perfect example of white space innovation. The enclave is poised to meet the ever-increasing needs for secure access to the kinds of confidential personal data that researchers, foundations, and government agencies need in order to make important findings and decisions.”

Before joining NORC, Ilie served as Chief Technology Officer for Qualmetrix, a health care analytics company that provides advanced analytic services to health plans, insurers, providers of care and accountable care organizations. Prior to that, he was the founder of Visual Intelligence, a data science company and consulting services and informatics expertise to Fortune 500 companies where he built distinctive analytic products used by health care organizations, consumer packaged goods and market research agencies.

“NORC is tremendously pleased to welcome Cristian Ilie to the team,” said Dan Gaylin, President and CEO of NORC. “We are committed to creating breakthrough solutions informed by experience and client needs. His experience and innovative approach to data science will be a real asset to the NORC Data Enclave and to the organization as a whole.”

Ilie holds two Masters degrees, one in Health Information Management and Medical Informatics from the University of Pittsburgh and one in Healthcare Administration/Policy Research from Pennsylvania State University. He has a B.S. in Science from Pennsylvania State University.

“I’m very happy to be joining NORC and the NORC Data Enclave.”

Cristian Ilie

Chief Technology Officer

“I’m very happy to be joining NORC and the NORC Data Enclave.”

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