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Helen H. Suh

Pronouns: She/Her

Senior Fellow
Helen is an internationally recognized expert in air pollution exposure science and epidemiology.

Helen has provided expertise on several projects, including the National Institutes of Health-funded National Children’s Study project to link administrative databases with measured data and to review exposure assessment approaches that leverage these linked data.

Helen has served as the principal investigator or co-investigator of numerous environmental health studies, including those that (1) examine the impact of chronic air pollutant exposures on cognitive health, mood disorders, and cardiac health in the NSHAP cohort, (2) assess adverse birth outcomes in babies born in Puerto Rico, (2) develop GIS-based spatio-temporal models for large-scale epidemiological research, and (3) characterize measurement error in air pollution epidemiological studies. Helen has performed advisory work in environmental health for numerous local, national, and international organizations.

Her work has been published in over 150 papers in leading scientific journals. She has performed advisory work for numerous local, national, and international organizations, having previously served as a member of the charter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and a variety of National Academy of Science and Institute of Medicine Committees. 



Harvard School of Public Health


Harvard School of Public Health


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Appointments & Affiliations

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tufts University

Affiliate Faculty, Community Health

Tufts University

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