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Cynthia Howes

Pronouns: She/Her

Vice President
Financial Management & Analysis
Cynthia has 20+ years of experience of managing data collection efforts, developing business proposal responses, and overseeing finances.

Cynthia is the vice president of the Financial Management & Analysis department. She oversees a team of financial analysts who work closely with project teams on the management of project finances, collaborate with leadership in each of NORC’s departments to ensure sound management of department finances, and contribute to business development efforts through participation in pricing activities. Cynthia is responsible for ensuring adherence with federal regulations, client requirements, and monitoring of alignment of actual spending with funding.

Cynthia has more than 20 of experience conducting large scale data collection efforts that range from large telephone and field data collection efforts to smaller field efforts and the collection of qualitative data. She also currently serves on the management team of the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey as a financial manager.

Cynthia began her survey research career in earnest at NORC. Prior to NORC she worked as a social worker and managed data collection for a longitudinal study designed to better understand how child, family, peer, and school characteristics affect children’s psychological, social, and academic adjustment.



University of Illinois - Urbana


University of Illinois - Urbana


University of Illinois - Urbana

Project Contributions

Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS)

The most comprehensive source of data on Medicare spending and the evolving needs of beneficiaries


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services