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Brian Whiteley

Pronouns: He/Him

Brian leads technical project and proposal support, as well as administrative, business, and staff productivity systems.

Brian is a vice president of technology at NORC, leading teams that provide technical solutions, systems, and support for project and proposal teams and administrative staff. His portfolio includes information technology financial management. As a leader that operates at the intersection of research, business, and technology, he manages innovative technical projects at NORC to expand core system capabilities and push the boundaries of how the organization measures and understands the world.

Brian’s leadership enables NORC IT to deliver key support to client projects and strategic investments while advancing the services and research capacities of the organization. He oversees Enterprise Architecture at NORC, ensuring that the organization continuously innovates to meet the diverse and complex needs of clients. This work includes designing technology solutions that enable the use of cutting-edge, computationally intensive analytical techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing. As new technologies are introduced at NORC, Brian ensures that every effort is made to plan, develop, and deliver solutions that support the growth, impact, and sustainability of the organization’s entire technology ecosystem.

In his 25 years at NORC, Brian has worked across several departments and on a broad range of research projects. His deep institutional knowledge and experience inform his teams’ ongoing efforts to meet project-related and administrative technology user needs with cost-effective, human-centered solutions. He oversaw the modernization of NORC’s customer relationship management function through the implementation of cloud technologies. He also leads the teams that support NORC’s modern intranet and administer its workplace productivity tools to foster increased employee collaboration, engagement, and efficiency.

Before joining NORC, Brian held various positions at the University of Chicago, where he also earned an MA.