Contacted by NORC?

NORC is resuming in-person data collection for some of our research projects.

Learn more about our health and safety measures for COVID-19.

Contact our Respondent Care Center at 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC) or email us at

NORC is conducting COVID-19 contact tracing work on behalf of the State of Maryland. For questions regarding our contact tracing program in Maryland, call (240) 466-4488 or toll free (800) 559-6410.

Has NORC contacted you about participating in a research study?

We hope you will participate and answer our questions. The most critical component of virtually every NORC research project is YOU. NORC survey participants are selected scientifically to help ensure study validity and accuracy. Your unique responses cannot be replaced by anyone else's. We value your time, rely on your opinions, and are wholly committed to your privacy.

You help us make good on our commitment to provide policymakers, business leaders, and decision makers with the insight needed to make informed decisions. Be it health care expenses or career opportunities, your answers help us to measure, understand, and address some of the most pressing concerns faced by society. 

How to Identify NORC Interviewers

Were you contacted in person?

All NORC field interviewers carry an identification badge that includes their photograph, name, title, ID number, and signature. The back of the ID has a distinctive hologram in the upper left corner along with a phone number to call to establish whether the person is a legitimate NORC field interviewer. You can also validate a field interviewer’s legitimacy here or by contacting our Respondent Care Center at or 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC).


Were you contacted by phone?

NORC telephone interviewers will identify themselves with their first and last name, as well as the name of the project or sponsor, the purpose of their call, and ask to speak with a specific member of your household. When leaving a voicemail or message on an answering machine, the NORC telephone interviewers will leave specific information, including the study name and a toll-free telephone number for that particular study. When in doubt, you can always contact our Respondent Care Center at or 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC).

Were you contacted in some other way?

You may also have a letter, postcard, or even a text message from NORC inviting you to participate in a survey. If you have questions, please use the contact information provided or contact our Respondent Care Center at or 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC).

About NORC

NORC is an independent research organization affiliated with the University of Chicago. We conduct objective, non-partisan research to help inform people in government, nonprofits, and businesses making decisions on key issues of the day. Our research addresses important issues like employment, education, and health care. Some of our best-known studies include:


COVID-19 Safety Measures for In-Person Interviews

NORC has implemented new health and safety measures and is resuming in person outreach for some projects.

All NORC employees are encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

NORC Field interviewers follow health and safety guidelines that meet or exceed CDC recommendations including wearing a mask, maintaining 6 feet social distancing, sanitizing their hands and equipment, and providing pre-packaged project materials for each in person visit.

NORC field interviewers may display a sign with study information to avoid close contact or for a doorbell camera. To verify that it is authentic and does come from NORC, here is what they look like:

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For additional information about our health and safety measures for Field Interviewers, contact us at or 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC).

Still have questions about participating in an NORC research survey? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact the Respondent Care Center to speak with NORC staff at 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC) or send us an email at

FAQs for Survey Participants

Need help?

Contact the Respondent Care Center at 1 (866) 856-6672 (NORC) or email us at

Research Participant Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Visit NORC’s Research Participant Privacy Policy to learn about our privacy practices and policy.

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