Chicago African-American Network Health Study

The Chicago African-American Network Health Study (CAANHS) also known as uConnect is a NIDA funded study of the effect of social network dynamics on HIV risk of young (16-29 year old) Black men who have sex with men (YBMSM) from the Southside of Chicago, carried out in partnership with researchers at the University of Chicago.  YBMSM have the highest rate of new HIV infection of any single demographic group in the U.S. in spite of similar or even lower levels of individual risk than White MSM.  CAANHS used Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS), a network based rigorous chain referral sampling methodology for sampling hard to reach populations, to recruit the largest single site sample of YBMSM to date.

Over 600 YBMSM were recruited at baseline and over 80% of the baseline sample completed interviews in each subsequent round.  The interview collected information on both personal (confidant) and sexual networks as well as Facebook friends (using a custom designed application) along with bio-measures including HIV and syphilis.  It also collected extensive information on social support and influence, family relationships, social context, and HIV risk/reduction practices.  The ultimate goal is to better understand the social drivers that account for the high rates of HIV in this population and develop social network based interventions to reduce the transmission of HIV.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS based on data from CAANHS/uConnect:

  • Young LE, Jonas AB, Michaels S, Jackson JD, Pierce ML, Schneider JA.  Social-structural properties and HIV prevention among young men who have sex with men in the ballroom house and independent gay family communities. Social Science & Medicine. Available online 8 December 2016 as an In Press, accepted manuscript.
  • Schneider JA, Cornwell B, Jonas A, Behler R, Lancki N, Skaathun B, Michaels S, Khanna AS, Young LE, Morgan E, Duvoisin R, Friedman S, Schumm P, Laumann EO.  Network dynamics and HIV risk and prevention in a population-based cohort of Young Black Men Who have Sex with Men.  Network Science. In Press
  • John A. Schneider, Michael Kozloski, Stuart Michaels, Britt Skaathun, Dexter Voisin, Nicola Lancki, Ethan Morgan, Aditya Khanna, Keith Green, Robert W. Coombs, Samuel R. Freidman, Edward Laumann, Phil Schumm. Criminal justice involvement history is associated with better HIV care continuum metrics among a population-based sample of young Black MSM, AIDS, 2017 Jan 2;31(1):159-165.
  • Ethan Morgan, Aditya S. Khanna, Britt Skaathun, Stuart Michaels, Lindsay Young, Rebeccah Duvoisin, Ming Chang, Dexter Voisin, Benjamin Cornwell, Robert W Coombs, Samuel R. Friedman, & John A. Schneider. Marijuana Use Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men and the HIV Care Continuum: Findings From the uConnect Cohort, Substance Use and Misuse, 51(13):1751-1759, August 2016. DOI 10.1080/10826084.2016.1197265.
  • Aditya S. Khanna, Stuart Michaels, Britt Skaathun, Ethan Morgan, Keith Green, Lindsay Young, John A. Schneider. Preexposure Prophylaxis Awareness and Use in a Population-Based Sample of Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2016 Jan 1;176(1):136-8. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2015.6536.

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