Roadmap for Action: Advancing the Adoption of Telehealth in Child Care Centers and Schools to Promote Children’s Health and Well Being

The Roadmap for Action is a guide for interested stakeholders across the country—in schools, school districts, community health centers, hospitals, child care and early learning centers, counties, states, and the federal government—to move toward wider adoption of school- and child-care-based telehealth programs, which have shown promising results in numerous successful sites across the country.

Telehealth in schools is emerging as an important tool to help improve access to primary, acute, and specialty care for children; improve the ability of families and youth to manage chronic conditions; facilitate health education for children, families, and school personnel; and increase the capacity of local health care providers to better meet the health care needs of children and youth. Extensive studies of these programs have shown that they are also providing care to children who had previously not been utilizing health services or had been underutilizing care.

School- and child-care-based telehealth programs provide an opportunity to leverage technology utilizing a health care delivery method that has promising evidence supporting its efficacy in improving access to care and health outcomes for children. Telehealth is also evolving as an important tool to help improve children’s attendance and performance at school and provide convenient options for working families, who might otherwise have to sacrifice work time and/or wages for travel to health care visits or, worse, to forgo necessary preventive or acute care.

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