Provider Network IQ

Competitive Intelligence for Smarter Provider Networks

Across health insurance markets, plans are narrowing provider networks in an effort to keep costs down and respond to competitive pressures. However, network adequacy is increasingly regulated.

Why Provider Network IQ

Provider Network IQ is a custom analytic tool designed to help health plans create smarter provider networks.

The Provider Network IQ platform allows plans to benchmark their provider networks against other plans in their market, putting competitive intelligence at their fingertips.

How it Works

NORC creates custom analytic dashboards for health plans, with data refreshed quarterly.

These Provider Network IQ dashboards enable plans to:

  • assess their provider network size and structure.
  • compare the breadth and depth of their provider networks to those of competing plans within their selected markets.
  • monitor trends in provider network size.


Subscription Benefits

We’ll work with you to create a custom analytic dashboard that meets your organization’s unique needs. No matter what your challenges, Provider Network IQ helps you:

  • understand how to respond to competetive pressures.
  • make informed decisions about where to build or scale back provider networks.
  • keep pace with existing requirements for network adequacy and transparency.
  • prepare for future regulatory changes.

NORC Provider Network IQ

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