NORC Uses Predictive Analytics and an AmeriSpeak Survey to Answer Important Questions About "Hamilton: An American Musical"

NORC recently completed research to provide the producers of Hamilton: An American Musical, with vital market intelligence. Using a wide range of industry data coupled with a custom AmeriSpeak survey, NORC created a sophisticated predictive model to help Hamilton’s producers get a deeper understanding of the show’s extraordinary appeal to diverse audiences and expected performance in different markets. “Conducting this research was a wonderful opportunity for NORC. We are known for using innovative, rigorous techniques and an extensive array of data to provide powerful analytics that inform our clients’ critical business decisions,” said Dan Gaylin, president and CEO of NORC at the University of Chicago. “NORC’s long history of working closely with the nation’s major cultural institutions allowed us to provide superior insight into Hamilton’s unique position as a cultural phenomenon while also informing complex decisions around market positioning.”

“In making big decisions, I have traditionally relied on experience, artistic goals, and gut instincts. With Hamilton, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of its non-traditional appeal and get better predictive models for how long it could and should play in particular markets,” said Jeffrey Seller, the lead producer of Hamilton. “Working with NORC was a perfect opportunity to combine our institutional knowledge with their exemplary data science. It will contribute to the success of our many touring companies,” added Seller.