NORC Launches AmeriSpeak Federal, the Highest-Quality Panel for Government Surveys

CHICAGO, December 8, 2022 – NORC at the University of Chicago has launched AmeriSpeak® Federal, a probability-based survey panel that offers the highest panel-based response rate in the country, to U.S. government agencies and departments.

“We’re already conducting surveys for many large federal clients, such as the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Internal Revenue Service, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” said J. Michael Dennis, NORC senior vice president and executive director of AmeriSpeak. “AmeriSpeak Federal will extend our reach to federal sponsors who are looking for a comprehensive, nationally representative panel tailored to their requirements.”

Federal agencies often require their information collections to have a higher response rate and enhanced sample representation because the collected data inform policies affecting millions of Americans. AmeriSpeak Federal achieves its exceptional response rates by investing substantially in follow-up strategies meant to convert non-responding households into cooperating households. In addition, these strategies secure respondents who are more likely to be low-income, non-white, and less educated—groups that are typically underrepresented in most surveys. AmeriSpeak Federal also has the advantage of recruiting younger respondents.

According to NORC senior vice president David Dutwin, “AmeriSpeak Federal is by far the highest response rate panel in the United States. We take great effort to ensure deep representativity of the U.S. population and maintain AmeriSpeak’s overall commitment to data quality, close research partnerships, and expedient fielding of studies.”

These attributes make it the ideal vehicle for launching and providing data for studies that require timely data that can be used for high-quality policy research and population estimation.

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