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"Neighborhood Income Inequality and Adolescent Relationship Aggression: Results of a Nationally Representative, Longitudinal Study."
"Upstream Prevention of Opioid Misuse in School-Based Health Centers: Provider Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practice."
​"Similarities and Differences between Actigraphy and Parent-Reported Sleep in a Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Sample."
​"Food Skills Education and Low-Income Adults’ Healthy Food Choices."
​"Prevalence and Risk Factors for Food Insecurity among Low-Income U.S. Military Veterans."
"Effortful Control and Extensive Observations of Negative Emotion as Joint Predictors of Teacher–Student Conflict in Childhood."
"The Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG) Infrastructure: The Clinical Implementation Core."
"CommunityRx: Optimizing a Community Resource Referral Intervention for Minority Dementia Caregivers."
"Change in Health-Related Socioeconomic Risk Factors and Mental Health during the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey of U.S. Women."
"Gender Differences in Attitudes and Behaviors toward Condoms and Birth Control among Chicago Adolescents."
"Longitudinal Effects of Social Network Changes on Drinking Outcomes for Individuals with a First-Time DUI."
"The Design of Replication Studies."
"Using Machine Learning to Score Multi-Dimensional Assessments of Chemistry and Physics."
"The Role of Military Service and Childhood Adversity in U.S. Law Enforcement Officer Health and Wellness."
"Using Synthetic Data to Replace Linkage Derived Elements: A Case Study."
"Constraints, Values, and Information: How Leaders in One District Justify Their Positions during Instructional Decision Making."
"Exploring the Linkage between Accreditation Outcomes and Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response."
"Identifying Best Practices in Pharmacy Experience: An Analysis of Military Treatment Facilities with the Highest Pharmacy Patient Experience Scores."
"Moving the Needle: Can Training Alter Officer Perceptions and Use of De-Escalation?"
"A Teacher–Researcher Partnership for Professional Learning: Co-Designing Project-Based Learning Units to Increase Student Engagement in Science Classes."
"Association between Delay in Driving Licensure and Driving while Impaired and Riding with an Impaired Driver among Emerging Adults."
"Opioid Use Disorder Stigma, Discrimination, and Policy Attitudes in a National Sample of U.S. Young Adults."
"Obesity Status on Associations between Cancer-Related Beliefs and Health Behaviors in Cancer Survivors: Implications for Patient-Clinician Communication."
"Profiles of U.S. Law Enforcement Officers’ Physical, Psychological, and Behavioral Health: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey of Officers."
"A Nationally Representative Study of Law Enforcement Shiftwork and Health Outcomes."