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"Student-Athlete Mental Health, Help-Seeking, and Service Utilization: Implications for a Multi-Tiered, Public Health Approach on College Campuses."
"Televised Anti-Tobacco Media and Smoking Outcomes Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Adults in the United States."
"Clinical Decision Support Systems to Reduce Unnecessary Clostridoides Difficile Testing Across Multiple Hospitals."
"Enacting Whole-School Relationships and Sexuality Education in England: Context Matters."
"Relationship Dynamics and Abusive Interactions in a National Sample of Youth and Young Adults."
"Families Serve Too: Military Spouse Well-Being after Separation from Active-Duty Service."
"Association between Requests for Supportive Care Assistance and Patients' Characteristics, Prior to Treatment in a Comprehensive Cancer Center."
"Beyond the Lung: Geriatric Conditions Afflict Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Self-Reported Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."
"Spatial Dependence in the Technical Efficiency of Local Banks."
"Developing a Theoretical Marketing Framework to Analyse JUUL and Compatible E-Cigarette Product Promotion on Instagram."
"High-Risk Injection-Related Practices Associated with anti-HCV Positivity among Young Adults Seeking Services in Three Small Cities in Wisconsin."
"Trends in Prevalence and Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema and Vision-Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy Among Medicare Part B Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries."
"Correlates of the Victim-Offender Overlap Based on Daily Conflict-Level Data from Digital Diaries."
"Daily Reports of Aggressive Behaviors in Interpersonal Conflicts."
"Outcomes of Sexual Assault Victimization in Early Adulthood: National Estimates for University and Non-University Students."
"Optimizing Efforts to Promote Mental Health on College and University Campuses: Recommendations to Facilitate Usage of Services, Resources, and Supports."
"A National Study of the Availability of Law Enforcement Agency Wellness Programming for Officers: A Latent Class Analysis."
"Assessment of Mental Health Coping Disparities Among Racial and Ethnic Groups Amid COVID-19 From the 'How Right Now' Campaign."
"Characterising Advertising Strategies and Expenditures for Conventional and Newer Smokeless Tobacco Products."
"Meta-Analyzing Individual Participant Data from Studies with Complex Survey Designs: A Tutorial on Using the Two-Stage Approach for Data from Educational Large-Scale Assessments."
"A Guide to Updating the US Government's Social Cost of Carbon."
"County-Level Variation in the Prevalence of Visual Acuity Loss or Blindness in the U.S."
"Pooling Interactions into Error Terms in Multisite Experiments."
"Do Latino Older Adults and Service Providers Agree on Positive Aging? Using Concept Mapping to Compare Perspectives."
"Age Differences in Mental Health from May through August 2020 among U.S. Adults: Trajectories and the Role of Pandemic, Lifestyle, and Social Factors."